• Main features

    - Files and messages encryption.
    - Encrypted messages are always different even if the same message is encrypted with the same password.
    - Six encryption algorithms (AES, Serpent, TwoFish, BlowFish, Triple DES and RSA).
    - Symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms.
    - Digital files signatures.
    - Maximum level of encryption: AES-256 bits and RSA-8192 bits.
    - Hide any type of file inside images using steganography. Up to only one bit modification per pixel (random color component).
    - Bitcoin address generator for Bitcoin wallets. Random and deterministic generator.
    - Hash codes generator for messages and files. Support SHA256, SHA512, SHA1, RIPEMD160, MD5, MD4 and CRC32.
    - Generate a self-extracting .EXE of encrypted file.
    - Secure Chat and File Transfer (true point-to-point) with AES-256 encryption.
    - Private Forums for non-live conversations with AES-256 encryption.
    - Portable application.

    This software has no virus, no malware, no spyware and no adware.
    No time-limited.
    No installation. Unzip & run.

    What's new in v3.0a (July-2019):
    - Random Number Generator.
    - The application is released under Freeware license without limitations.

    What's new in v2.0b (August-2017):
    - Passwords Manager.
    - Support Unzip files.
    - Encrypt folder contents.
    - Wipe folder contents.
    - Fast wipe files.
    - Text boxes support 'Enter'.
    - Icons in menu bar.
    - Improve steganography.
    - Fix bug: The application failed to encrypt large files.
    - Fix minor bugs.
    - Files encrypted with v1.4a are incompatible with this version.

  • Donations

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    Steganography image samples:

    These images (in PNG format) contain hidden information.
    Use the Cryptermite application to extract the hidden information using the password neothunder8200
    Use option 'Tools/Extract Hidden file from an image'.

    False positives of virus/trojans/malware in

    Cryptermite application:

    Source: VirusTotal.com

    Cryptermite secure download:

    For security, please don't download Cryptermite application from other websites.

    Cryptermite integrity download:

    Checksums of file cryptermite_v3_0a.zip:

    MD5: D62CF81BB978E940DA63427DB1626F34
    MD4: 612CC72EC0C43A7BB6E2B3C30E5422EC
    SHA256: 745937F358BD2CE2BB7F718D2E2512B550B38DE84C523F3AAFCA28963C188C9F
    SHA1: 0283A8CE7CE27F58C49C7B8C949A7DED137E4CE1
    RIPEMD160: 68B8DE46B35A5179E9E9E7B242AA874012171EB8
    CRC32: C3443F4D

    Checksums of file cryptermite.exe (v3.0a):

    MD5: 7276473F19CF7E0C788CD056B53C43AA
    MD4: F129F157F6CD8523F014596E9BB5587C
    SHA256: A4F7F9BB132E734CC237E3985C66AF901A791069867E09CE55BE0A80B8807105
    SHA1: B7ABFD8CA7480B396FF684A317802FF893CC27C7
    RIPEMD160: 60E1559981961BFED43E515B9A9052F88B9D3A87
    CRC32: B175BDB0

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