You control Elsa Reyes, a tireless adventurer who is exploring an old and strange castle.
Your main mission is to rebuild the Pentaksm amulet to be able to enter inside the Sacred Temple that contains the key that will allow you finally escape from the castle.
Optionally steal the treasure before escaping from the castle.

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Castlemize v1.1a

For Microsoft Windows 11, 10 and 7
(64 and 32 bits) 94 MB


If the game doesn't start, download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable v14.16.27024


MS VC++ 2017 Redistributable for Microsoft Windows x64-based (15 MB)


MS VC++ 2017 Redistributable for Microsoft Windows x86-based (15 MB)

No installation, unzip and run.
This software has no virus, no malware, no spyware, no adware and no time-limited.



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Main features

● Mix 2D role-playing and platfomer game.

● You can drag, push, lift and throw blocks against enemies or to reach high areas.

● Experience Points (XP) allow you to get more resources and to increase your resistance level.

● Dark rooms where your torch will only allow you to see the nearest dangers.

● Teleportation system to move faster around the castle.

● Generate another castle map whenever you want.

● Castle map with more than 300 different rooms.

Game in English and Spanish.

● 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

● Play in window or full screen.

● Totally free (Freware license).